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Medullary-ray Eau de Parfum

Rays of Tuscan springtime glint between the strokes of the woodworker’s plane.

The midday air fills heavy with the scent of blushed fruit and waxen-leaf.

Impression: Fig-leaf, Cardamom, Olive, Juniper, Frankincense Fade: Orris Butter, Rose Absolute, Pomegranate, Myrrh, Vetiver, Guaicwood, Papyrus, Hay, Birch, Cedarwood, Castoreum, Valerian, Sandalwood Oil

The metallic rasp of blade against ancient fibre, the aroma of fresh shavings and static heartwood curls.

Medullary-ray presents a floating balance of intimate tensions.

The handling of opposing materials creates sympathetic space before unifying to produce a hypnotic fibrous signature.

Savoury fruits and dry botanicals lift this inceptive sawdust profile; a fresco of gilded flowers and grasses enriched with balsamic resins.

Voluminous layers of bronzed wood tones stabilise Medullary-ray creating profound texture, façade and resonance.

A cadence of root and smoke creates an ethereal trail that enthrals.

Look out for the glimmers of saccharine red fruits, delicious if caught, even if only momentarily.

Il medulla-ray è un incontro olfattivo tra legno artigianale e frutti toscani pigramente raccolti.

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